In a blog post, Messenger announced that it will start testing a new feature called “Split Payments” on its platform. Through this feature, users will be able to share the cost of expenses and bills via the Messenger app. Facebook Messenger said that users will be able to use this feature for free. At first, the Split Payments feature will be rolled out for testing only in the United States.

How to use the Split Payments feature in Messenger?

For using Split Payments, the user needs to click on the “Get Started” button in a group chat. Users can also find the same in the Payments Hub in Messenger. From there, the user can split a bill evenly, or even modify the contribution amount for each and every individual in the group chat. This can also be done either with or without including the user. You’ll also have the option to enter a personalized message. Lastly, the user will be asked to confirm their Facebook Pay details. After this, the user’s request will be sent and viewable in the group chat thread.

More on Messenger’s Split Payments

The company said in a blog post that “if you have struggled with, and getting paid back, for group dinners, monthly rent or household expenses, things are about to get easier”. The launch comes after the integration of QR codes for individual-to-individual payments a couple of months ago. The QR codes were launched in the states and enables people to send and request money via Facebook Pay (even if the two people are not friends on Facebook). This feature can be accessed under the Facebook Pay section in the settings of Messenger.

Facebook Pay was launched last month (in November 2019) as a way to enable a payments system across the ecosystem of the company. Originally used for Person-to-Person payments, this launch promises continuing expansion into other payments services, like donations and e-commerce.

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The payments ecosystem

The Split Payments test raises interesting questions when looking at the increasing trend of payments integrations in tech ecosystems. Tech giant Microsoft recently met criticism after it introduced Buy Now, Pay Later services into its Edge web browser The move has been lamented by its users that say the service slows their web experience and accelerates credit danger to users.

Split Payments was introduced along with many other Messenger updates, which also includes 4 new groups AR effects designed with creators Zach King, Emma Chamberlain, Bella Poarch and King Bach. 

The company also noted that it also recently launched 2 new “Stranger Things” Soudmojis, which are emojis that play a sound when you send them in the Messenger app as well as a new chat theme. Messenger also has recently rolled out a Taylor Swift Soudmoji to celebrate the release of her album  “Red.”

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