The rate at which artificial intelligence is proving to be useful in all the industries, the use of it is also growing. Trending in the latest ai tech news, Marchex launches an AI device named Sales Edge that helps companies and enterprises to expand their sales. This device created by Marchex works on various predictive AI models that give business owners conversation insights thus enabling them to engage with customers through phone or text.

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With more and more ai-driven products getting launched in the market prove that companies and brands are truly moving towards a phase of revolution which will include technology and all its advances at every stride. Read the story further to know more about Marchex’s Sales Edge and how it is going to benefit organizations in growing their sales at the maximum.

About Marchex

Marchex is a leading tech company based in Seattle. This company was founded in 2003 and operates in the call, display, advertising and search analytics. Their main function is to drive, function, and convert calls into customers. The different mediums that the company uses to get in touch with its customers, it is nothing but bridging a gap between companies and the customers.

The connection that the company tries to build between the physical and digital world enables its customers to increase their marketing investments at a maximum level and operate efficiently to gain more customers.

What is Marchex’s Sales Edge About?

Sales Edge is an ai technology developed by Marchex that provides information to brands and companies in real-time about their customers to optimize it and increase their sales at large. This product basically delivers the right information at the right time to the enterprise for them to make good use of it. This ai-driven product is highly useful in the phase of sales conversion.

Marchex’s Sales Edge includes three products

  • Marchex Sales Edge Enterprise
  • Marchex Sales Edge Local
  • Marchex Sales Edge Rescue

VP of Analytics Marketing and Product Management at Marchex, Brian Craig, expressed that companies are in constant search of data-driven intelligence to understand customer requirements. But they fail at multiple steps since it becomes tedious to track everything in the customer journey as there are various communication touchpoints during the process of purchase. To make this simpler and faster we have come up with Sales Edge that will not only help bridge the gap between sales and purchase but also improve their customer experience at a huge rate.

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