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KPMG Australia and CyberHat to create cyber threat detecting solution for SMEs | iTMunch

Financial audit firm KPMG Australia and cybersecurity solutions company CyberHat have announced a partnership to create a cyber threat detecting solution, Cyrebro. The detection solution is specially designed to protect small and medium enterprises from cyber threat targeted at customers. 

As found in a survey conducted by the Australian Cyber Security Center in 2019, 62% of SMEs had fallen victim to cybersecurity breaches [1]. SMEs are not always well-equipped to protect their businesses from such cyber threats. Partner at KPMG Enterprise, Linda Chai says that the CyberHat alliance will level the playing field for Australian small and medium enterprises when it came to cybersecurity.

Cyrebro – By KMPG Australia and CyberHats

A 24/7 monitoring solution for Australian SMEs, Cyrebro is designed to scrutinize, discern and react to cyber threats. KPMG Australia says if a breach, attack or a threat is detected by the solution, CyberHat and KPMG specialists will work with the SME to control and rectify the situation. It has been designed from a cyber attacker’s point of view. It also has advanced forensic capabilities.

KPMG also added the set-up process to aid SMEs in understanding their cyber risk. With CyberHat and KPMG Enterprise evaluating the current state of an organisation’s technology. The advisory company says that an organisation system will be plugged in the Cyrebro system. The system uses proprietary algorithms and data monitoring to ensure the safety of client’s technology.

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More about the alliance

Nadav Arbel, CyberHat CEO, said they’re delighted to enter this partnership with KPMG Australia and bring their flagship product to Australia. The growing dependence of SME companies on digital information and interconnections leaves them vulnerable to the risk of cyber attacks. He adds that cyber attacks cause significant financial, reputational and operational damage.

Effective cybersecurity is essential, for both private and public companies. Creating an in-house cybersecurity solution to tackle ever-evolving threats can be majorly complex. It will also be largely time-consuming and costly. Arbel says that Cyrebro is an affordable solution that aims to give top-notch security from cyber threats to SMEs. It will act as a soldier to provide an all-day-all-night monitoring optimization process.

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[1] The Australian Cyber Security Centre (2019) “Protecting small business against cyber attacks during COVID-19” [Online] Available from: [Accessed June 2020] 

Image Courtesy: DennisM from Wikipedia 

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