With back-to-school right around the corner, Nike has just announced its doorway into the subscription facility market. Nike is a renowned name in the sports industry with its footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Nike launched a “sneaker club” for children called Nike Adventure Club.

According to Nike’s marketing, this brand new production is exclusively created to help make shopping stress-free for parents who strive to match up with their rapidly maturing children’s shoe desires.

How Does The Nike Adventure Club Work?

Using Nike’s subscription service is fairly simple. First, you need to sign up to the Nike Adventure Club. After you sign up, you will be able to choose from up to 100 styles of Nike shoes and converse shoes for your kids. You can select which shoes you like, and their size. You can choose form sized 4C to 7Y or anywhere up to 2 to 10 years.

After that, the shoes are shipped to your home in a box with your child’s name on it.

With the Nike Adventure Club, you will receive from shoes from anywhere between 4 pairs to a dozen pair per year, depending on what plan you choose.

If the shoes are of the wrong size, it will be exchanged for free within a week of delivery.

What Does Nike Adventure Club Cost?

The Club charges start at $20 per month, which will send out a new pair of shoes every 90 days.

For $30 per month, children will get six pairs of shoes per year.

And for $50 per month, they will receive new shoes every month. That may be extreme, but not for most active kids who have to wear their sneakers daily to play sports have a tendency to wreck their shoes quickly.

What’s Unique About The Nike Adventure Club?

There a thousand of subscription services on the market for parents to choose from. However, known for its unique style, Nike’s service has to be a little different.

The first really cool part is the box that the shoes are delivered in. The Nike Adventure Club is meant to be fun for kids and a stress-relief for parents. Naturally, the box has some goodies in it!

Along with the shoes, the box also has included an adventure kit which is filled with different activities and games for parents to do with their children. There are also free stickers, along with a small gift.

Nike adventure kit for children | iTMunch

Moreover, This kit is designed in collaboration with the non-profit company KaBoom, which is driven on urging children to live a healthy lifestyle.

Other than this, another great part about this program is the recycling component. Twice in a year, Nike will send out a prepaid bag where parents can return back their children’s’ worn shoes.

These shoes will be either contributed to families in need if it is in a good condition or it will be recycled through Nike Grind.

A process that segregates out the rubber, foam, leather and textile blends, then grinds them into small particles and combines it into new products which include footwear, apparel and play surfaces.

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While Nike’s Adventure Club has launched, it is easing in new member via a waiting list option.

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