The Delta EcoFlow is a unique battery generator which is available on Kickstarter with unbelievable claimed features. 

While most of these features are true, some are not.

What Delta Claims 

A device like the Delta offers unimaginable battery storage capacity. 

Created for more than just reviving phones and tablets, these can operate refrigerators, pumps, power tools, and also medical equipment. 

They are excellent for emergencies, camping, and everyday use where electricity is not available.

The EcoFlow Delta can recharge from a wall socket up to 80% in an hour. 

The GoalZero Yeti battery of a similar capacity takes around 25 hours. 

This ability means the Delta can be utilized and then reused more than its competitors.

The device is presently available on Kickstarter, where it swiftly acquired over $2 million from over 2,000 supporters. 

The device’s features posted on the Kickstarter page are not clear.

However, after testing a pre-production unit, several of these advertised abilities and features were misleading or false.

The List of False Claims 

The company’s originator, Eli Harris, says it’s the world’s greatest battery generator.

But it is noticed that the Delta is a satisfactory battery generator with similar capabilities to competitors, but loud fans hamper it.

Recharging the Delta battery was a loud incident. 

The fans are too noisy and continue to work after the battery is fully charged. 

This was a huge drawback, compared to a GoalZero Yeti.

The Kickstarter page and video states everywhere that the Delta generates no noise.

Hardly one of the four videos on the Kickstarter page enables potential owners to listen to the Delta battery. 

The third video on the page displays the battery is powering a hammer drill. 

Six seconds in the video, the drill stops working, and the battery’s fans are audible.

Delta batteries | iTMunch

How The Officials Reacted 

When queried why the Kickstarter page is misleading, they said: “that error has never been called out.”

They will check with the team regarding the use of “superlatives and blanket statements.

After saying this, three days later, the Kickstarter page still lists the misleading claims.

However, the EcoFlow Delta has remarkable capabilities primarily around its recharge abilities. 

This makes it an engaging choice for the right use. 

It is compact, reliable, and has a lot of outlets and is simple to move. 

This can be a lifesaver in crises where a person still has access to power.

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Image Courtesy: EcoFlow Delta