According to the latest HR tech news, data protection officer or DPO has become the hottest job in tech town. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) recently announced this new job position that is increasingly gaining popularity.

Read the mentioned below job description of a Data Protection Officer:

  • Inform and advise controller or processor and other employees who carry out processing of their obligations.
  • Monitoring and supervising compliance with this regulation, protection of personal data, including assignment of responsibilities, training of staff in processing operations and other such similar tasks.
  • To monitor performance pursuant to Article 35 and to cooperate with supervisory authority.
  • To consult wherever necessary and to acts as a point of contact for the supervisory authority.

According to the latest HR Tech news, Rise in DPO Jobs after GDPR Introduces New Position

Along with all of this, the DPO shall in the performance of his/her tasks have due regard to the risk associated with processing operations, taking into account various factors such as the nature, scope, context and purposes of processing.

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According to a survey by RiskIQ, 1691 US and UK businesses said they lacked sufficient staff that could handle the cyber alerts that they currently receive.  The International Association of Privacy Professionals found out that as many as 750,000 DPO positions will be required across the globe.

GDPR has not specifically mentioned the credentials that a DPO must possess in order to become eligible for this position. However, different businesses would need different professional qualities depending on their requirement. DPO’s would be responsible for data processing, educating company and employees and conducting regular security audits. Hence, the nature of the role consists of varying responsibilities that oversee data related activities. Hiring a DPO could allow a stronger implementation of data protection.

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