The face of technology constantly keeps changing as the evolution of mankind continues. Right from computers to smartphones and now to artificial intelligence the progress of technology is mindboggling.
Keeping up with the latest technological trend may not be a feasible option for every business. However, with so many upgrades coming up, updating your business with the latest technology has become a necessity in order to stay on top of your game. Right from small to well-established businesses, every company is choosing to update their gadgets and technological trends. In such confusing times, we bring you a list of emerging technologies that will rule in the near future and prove to be extremely beneficial for your business.

Technological updates for finance businesses

According to the latest tech news, this industry will no longer be called only the finance industry but will soon be known as the “fintech industry”. If you are in the financial industry, you need to familiarize yourself with blockchain. The use of blockchain is not only limited to digital payments but allows for safe and secure trading of almost anything including money, ideas, copyrights, or royalty fees etc. The blockchain is also useful for managing investments and real estate. The blockchain is something that a lot of financial industries need to look out for as it may soon become an integral part of the business.

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Developments in the Silicon Valley

New business technologies in the IT industry are completely unpredictable. IT industry has seen various developments from cloud computing to big data, from automated tools to artificial intelligence. It is no surprise that the IT industry is slowly progressing towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. We may even soon get to see various exciting Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) applications that could have huge impacts on the business.

Technological advancements in Warehouse Management

With many businesses realizing that warehouses are a reflection of the culture of your company, various technological developments can be seen for improving the efficiency of warehouses. Today, even warehouses have integrated various updates such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in order to efficiently manage their inventory and other areas of operations. Warehouses and factories may soon begin to heavily depend on technological developments such as the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is an idea that allows you to virtually connect any device to the internet, and, from that to each which could be useful for connecting with various devices or machines in your warehouse or factory.

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Retail and Manufacturing Industries

Retail, manufacturing and other types of industries rely heavily on marketing. With so many marketing automation tools, CRM tools and digital marketing platforms, the overall scenario of marketing has completely transformed. So what do we expect next? We could soon get to see chatbots being frequently used for marketing. Chatbots have the potential to create a major impact on the way that businesses do their marketing. A chatbot is a text-based interface that makes use of rules or artificial intelligence for delivering useful results. A bot is capable of providing the consumer with exactly what they want while shopping online. By end of 2018 many businesses, irrespective of their size could begin rolling out chatbots.

Emerging technology for Medical industries

Scientists are using technology to research and develop newer ways to cure diseases. They are constantly making efforts to overcome technical and medical limitations for a breakthrough discovery. In fact, many researchers have found potential in artificial intelligence for making healthcare better. “Deep learning” AI algorithms are showing promise in performing medical work which was only performed by human physicians so far. Deep learning algorithms have shown progress in other branches of medicine such as pathology, ophthalmology, cardiology and oncology too. It could only be a matter of time before AI could actually find a cure for cancer.
Since business technology has a shelf-life irrespective of your outdated operating system or latest application, it is vital to upgrade. Businesses from small to well-established need to undergo some major technological changes that can help improve their productivity and profitability.

Since business technology has a shelf-life, irrespective of your outdated operating system or latest application, it is vital to upgrade. Businesses from small to well-established need to undergo some major technological changes that can help improve their productivity and profitability.
Technological developments are like the never-ending horizons of the blue ocean. With newer and better updates happening every day, it is important for businesses to implement these emerging technologies.

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