According to the research made by Future of Workforce Study released by PwC, almost 69% of workers are confident about their digital skills. As the most of the industries are taking the digital path to improve their current operations, this HR news seems to be beneficial.

However, as long as STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) are concerned, the confidence levels are lower. Among all the people surveyed, a little more than the half (53%) agreed or strongly agree that they possess STEM abilities. These people also suggest the employers and the government can adopt various ways to boost people’s skills and confidence.

Employees are confident about digital skills says research | iTMunch
For this survey, PwC comprised more than 10,000 people across countries such as UK, Germany, China, India and the US. The survey shows that employees in India (83%), followed by China (68%), and the US (68%) are the most confident. However, the other countries like Germany (63%) and the UK (61%) are not very far.

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The research also suggests that most of the employees (73%) are willing to enhance their skills on their own, instead of relying on their employers. Jon Williams, Joint Global Leader, People and Organisation, PwC says that individuals with low confidence, anxiety and uncertainty kill innovation and creativity. Hence, it is important for all the employers to have a proper discussion with their staff regarding their future of work.

This research was undertaken as a part of PwC Workforce of the Future report. This report examines 4 worlds of work in 2030 to show how competing forces, along with automation, are shaping the workforces of the future. Each scenario can have a significant impact on the world of work, which cannot be overlooked by governments, organisations or even individuals.

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