According to the latest HR news, a UK based company Thymometrics has launched the first real-time employee engagement platform. Thymometrics is the global premier supplier of always-on employee engagement surveys.

Various studies conducted recently have shown that employee engagement has hit an all-time low. This could adversely impact employee retention and productivity. Managers and leaders of various organizations may then need to take necessary measures to improve productivity with the help of necessary tools.

This is where Thymometrics comes in the picture. The organization felt the need to create such always available platform for helping such organizations improve their employee engagement. Currently, they are offering a completely free platform to use the version of their globally recognized always-on employee engagement platform.

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The VP of Sales and Marketing at Thyrometrics said “We’re very pleased to be able to offer the Thymometrics platform free forever, not just a 30-day trial, to qualifying businesses so they too can enjoy the real power of always-on engagement. We have seen that every business benefits from truly understanding their employees’ needs, not just once or twice a year, but when it matters to them.”

He further added, “By providing a truly always-on anonymous channel, both employers and employees are empowered to come together with common goals on such issues as teamwork, culture, productivity, wellbeing and a real sense of being valued.”

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While launching this platform, CEO, Thrometrics, Jerry Pett “We are delighted to offer our flagship Thymo employee communications and engagement platform for free. Small companies may now use the platform without charge, whilst larger organizations can utilize the free offering to get hands-on and try out some of the amazing features.

Through our research and feedback from valued customers, we have shown that real-time insights enable timely actions to be taken when they have the greatest impact, increasing productivity whilst making real cost savings through lower staff turnover and less absenteeism.”

This could definitely prove to be useful for various companies that are looking to increase their employee retention and engagement.

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