Hulu is ultimately combining downloads to its streaming service, years after Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have done the same. 

The company had assured over a year ago that it would shortly roll out support for offline viewing, developing a way to add advertising with its downloads. 

Though, the company says the downloads feature starting is only accessible to iOS users on Hulu’s “No Ads” plan.

Hulu could not give a timeline for when support would come on the ad-supported version of Hulu or whether those plans had been delayed. 

The company did state that its focus was moved this summer to mobile upgrades, including the interface update and live model enhancements.

How Does Hulu Work?

Most of the content on Hulu is available for offline viewing, as its content deals were already negotiated to enable downloads.

However, in a few examples, only prior seasons of a TV show will be allowed for download.

To obtain the content, Hulu is adding a new “Downloads” tab at the base of the screen. 

You also can look for shows and movies to download by clicking on the “See What’s Downloadable” tab. 

Also, you can browse for specific headings to see if they are given offline viewing. 

If it is, then a download icon will be shown on the title’s details page.

Viewers will be allowed to download up to 25 titles over five devices and will have 30 days to view the downloaded content. 

After starting playback of downloaded content, viewers have two days to complete before the download expires. 

If you did not finish watching, you would have to renew the expired download while assuming it is still allowed on Hulu.

This feature is initially available only for iOS users, yet Android users will get the same option very soon, as mentioned by Hulu.

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Hulu is informed that it is remarkably late to add support for offline viewing.

Several consumers today assume there to be a way to download content, ad-free, TV shows, or movies without accessing the internet.

For example, when traveling by plane or an underground train.

Hulu can also be striving with the technical difficulties of ad-supported downloads. 

Getting those ads to work correctly and attributed precisely could need a more extended period than initially planned.

To use this feature, you will need to be on the $11.99 no-ads range of Hulu’s service if you weren’t already.

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