Revel, the New York-based shared electronic moped startup, seems to be planning to expand into Texas. 

The extension into Texas would be Revel’s fourth business and its first west of the Mississippi River.

It is a move that would be compatible with comments CEO and co-founder Frank Reig made at the beginning of this week.

The Story of Revel 

Revel, which started in 2018, has more than 1,400 mopeds in Washington, D.C., and Brooklyn and Queens, New York. 

The company declared on Thursday that it raised $27.6 million in a Series A round, headed by Ibex Investors. 

The equity round introduced newcomer Toyota AI Ventures, and further funds were from Blue Collective, Launch Capital, and Maniv Mobility.

Revel plans to use the funds to grow its fleet of scooters within the cities it presently runs as well as into new markets. 

Reig would not name where Revel will launch next. 

Nevertheless, he did provide a few hints.

Revel is targeting around ten cities by mid-2020, Reig had said in an interview earlier this week. 

He added that possible candidates would be major U.S. cities with moderate weather conditions. 

This puts cities like Florida, Texas, Arizona, and California as possible destinations.

Thinknum, which traces companies and produces data sets that include hiring, revenue, and extra factors, mapped out job listings at Revel. 

Whatever the company discovered was almost a dozen jobs posted since July that will be based in Texas.

While Revel’s job listings lead to Texas, the company is not yet ready to talk.

A company spokesperson told that can’t verify specific launch timelines as of now.

But Revel is having fruitful conversations with markets in Texas among other places

They look forward to bringing their service to new cities in the upcoming months.

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How Revel is Different

Revel is distinct from other shared mobility-as-a-service providers, particularly scooter companies, as it doesn’t use a gig economy or contract employees. 

It only hires full-time workers. 

This would imply that Revel isn’t simply experimenting with Texas but has plans to build out operations there.

The job listings incorporate openings for a manager, mechanic, and customer service provider. 

Some of these jobs list Texas City, Texas, as the target. 

It is not clear if this is truly where Revel will expand. 

Texas City is approximately 42 miles southeast of Houston.

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