The need for updating skills and knowledge for any working professional is never going to end. And the Human Resource industry is no exception. Trending in the latest HR tech news, the massive HR e-learning company AIHR has acquired Digital HR Tech. Digital HR Tech is one of the largest online platform writing on Digital Human Resources and HR technology. This acquisition has led Digital HR Tech to be now known as AIHR Digital.

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As these companies have come together, there will be a more insightful flow of content through, blogs, videos and more. AIHR will continue to support Digital HR Tech, through web development, distributions resources and more. Read on to know about this association and the changes it will bring to the world of HR technology.

Digital HR Tech: The Go-To HR Blogs

Digital HR Tech is one of the most popular online platform providing content about HR processes, advancements, technology and more. This medium provides content to HR professionals through articles and informative videos. Digital HR Tech is extremely useful to human resource professionals to know about the industry and take a step forward to either grow or enter it. The content published on this platform is written and created by some of the industry experts. Hence, all the information is highly reliable and accurate. Digital HR Tech has no limit and has free access to visitors from all around the globe. Since its inception, this platform has shown exponential growth when it comes to growing its visitors, month after month. Due to such platforms coming into the picture, it is becoming possible for the HR industry to expand at a much faster pace.

 AIHR Innovating the HR Industry

Academy to Innovate HR (AIHR) is breaking all grounds of traditional classroom training in the human resource domain.  This e-learning platform is helping numerous professionals in learning about the HR industry and the future it holds. This organization works with the aim of providing a future consisting of excellent online programs for HR professionals available to them anytime, anywhere.

 AIHR Decides to Acquire Digital Tech HR: Why?

AIHR is a market leader People-Analytics e-learning space. The aim of this company is to provide HR professionals with a plethora of information about the industry. The rate at which AIHR is developing its various product offings is huge, hence it was much needed for the company to bring in a feature like this. And the whole point of Digital Tech HR is to present HR professionals with the information given by industry experts. By acquiring Digital Tech HR, AIHR aims to reach a much broader spectrum of audience. This acquisition also means that AIHR will be able to deliver its excellent e-learning services combined with Digital HR Tech’s quality online content.

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These companies come together to deliver services that going to make noticeable advancements in the HR industry. It also means that the changes faced by both, AIHR as well as Digital HR Tech two different organizations are also going to be numerous.

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