Long gone are the days when tech platforms were created just for the sake of socializing. Today’s tech platforms can also help you land your dream job. If you’ve recently quit your job or just want to scan the job market to see what your options are, here are 10 tech tools you should check out.

10 tech tools help job seekers take their job search to the next level

1. Shapr

Professional networking will not feel like a chore with Shapr. When you sign up for Shapr, you are asked to enter your work experience, certifications, interests and location. Using this information, Shapr matches your profile with relevant professional connections to you every day. And if you and another person show mutual interest, you cal also chat with them. This professional networking tech tool was founded in France in 2015. The ecosystem provides help to new-age entrepreneurs in hiring the right talent, networking and finding investors.

2. Crystal Knows

A Harvard Innovation Lab-developed tech tool, Crystal Knows is a personality detection tool that once embedded into your web browser, assists you in coming up with the best way to approach potential clients or employers. The tool uses data mining techniques to mine publically available data (LinkedIn accounts, Facebook pages, blogs, Google, and other information) to create a DiSC profile of the candidate using personality AI. Crystal Knows also guides on ways to communicate with anyone online, like what terms/words/phrases to use and even the tone of voice. 

3. Linkedin

Having a presence on LinkedIn is not an option anymore in today’s day and age. It is a Reid Hoffman-founded career development and professional networking website on which people can display their work experience, education and skills. Though it started as a networking website for professionals, today it is also used to showcase talent and boast about professional achievements.

Moreover, while screening candidates, human resource professionals always go through the LinkedIn profile of prospective employees. The platform now also allows companies to post about job opportunities that job seekers can apply to directly on LinkedIn.

4. Gladeo

Not sure what kind of a job you’re looking for? Gladeo is a good platform that can help you figure that out. It is a next-gen career navigation tech tool that aims to help in building a more equitable, prepared and inclusive workforce. The public benefit corporation provides culturally-responsive, world-class career guidance to people across the globe. 

The Gladeo job search tech tool has videos and a comprehensive digital library, interviews and other resources comprising disseminating all types of knowledge that’s key for successful career development. This platform is extremely helpful for freshers, recent graduates, job hunters and experienced professionals looking for career change opportunities at any point in their life.

5. Twitter

Though its majorly a social networking platform, many companies post about job vacancies on their Twitter pages. Also, there are many companies that don’t use job search portals to find candidates but use Twitter to broadcast vacancies. So, in case you’re looking for a job in a specific company, make sure you keep checking their Twitter account in case they post about any career opportunities.

6. Fishbowl

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Fishbowl is a professional community that enables constructive conversations around career growth. It allows people to connect with people with similar interests to get advice and mentorship to reach their goals. It essentially puts entry-level employees and top-level executives on the same playing field so that everyone can learn from one another through organic conversations as well as formal Q&A sessions with business tycoons and leaders. This tech tool can be used to have conversations with anyone in any company or industry to exchange knowledge with one another.

7. Glassdoor

You probably already know about Glassdoors, but if you aren’t using this tech tool during your job search, you are missing out on important information about the company you want to join. Glassdoor allows employees to comment about their current (and previous) company’s work environment, culture, salary structure and much more. The company reviews can also be posted anonymously. Apart from company reviews, it also lets companies post about job vacancies.

8. Indeed

Indeed is one of the most effective job search tech tools that allows you to search from millions of jobs listed on its platform. It helps people find jobs, company reviews and helps them get an understanding of salary expectations. Recently, Indeed has added a feature that allows employers to conduct video interviews on its platform. Whether you’re an experienced professional or a fresher, whether you’re looking for an in-office opportunity or a remote/hybrid work model, Indeed can help you find the job of your dreams.

9. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is a leading job marketplace that enables job seekers to find opportunities (and vice versa) by matching requirements, skills and experience. ZipRecruiter’s intuitive algorithm suggest best candidates to recruiters using artificial intelligence. Just upload your updated resume on the platform and ZipRecruiter will start suggesting opportunities that might be best suited for you. Applying for jobs on this tech tool is very easy. 

10. Snagajob 

Founded in 2000, Snagajob is a digital marketplace where you can find hourly and essential jobs. The tech tool is dedicated to matching employers with job seekers looking for per hour-based compensation. Snagajob helps greatly in matching talented individuals with the perfect opportunities so they can maximize their own potential. The hourly work marketplace has more than 100 million registered job seekers as well as opportunities at over 700,000 employer locations in Canada and the United States.


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