According to the latest HR news, popular jobs website Indeed is rolling a new platform named Indeed Assessments for providing employers with a more automated and objective way of evaluating candidates.

This platform makes use of a technology leveraged from the startup Interviewed that was acquired by Indeed in2017. Indeed Assessments is making plans to provide short tests and professional simulations in order to evaluate how a candidate measures up as compared to his specific skills.

Currently, their platform includes more than 50 pre-built test modules under various categories such as cognitive, critical thinking, language, technological skills, and job skills. This platform also allows employers to customize and create their own modules.

According to the latest HR news, Indeed’s New Skills-Based Screening Platform to Eliminate Bias

After an employee chooses an assessment to be used, they can be added to an Indeed job posting. According to indeed company, the tests were designed by “experts” and provide data-driven evaluations with the help of machine learning. Hiring managers can now use Indeed Assessments for screening candidates for skills related to a number of roles and industries.

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The move aims to diversify their talent pools and draw in new candidates in order to fill talent gaps. Indeed Assessments was also formed to face the increasingly tough competition from various tech giants that are providing their own recruitment tools. With tech giants such as Google diving in the competition with their newly launched Hire, a recruiting app designed for small and medium-sized app businesses. Along with Google, Microsoft also launched one of the biggest professional recruitment website, LinkedIn.

Following this, it was only a matter of time before Indeed planned on coming up with this platform that could allow it to face the stiff competition.

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