If a player pulls up an item in an online video game, who has that item? The player, or the firm that created the game?

In several cases, the result is presumably closer to the latter. The item might be in the player’s digital record, but the firm can take it away as they wish, restrict the player from trading or selling it away, etc.

The Story of Horizon

Horizon Blockchain Games is seeking to turn up the idea of ownership in games (beginning with their title), and they’ve established another $5 million to get it concluded.

Horizon is operating down two ways in parallel here: On one way, they’re producing an Ethereum-powered program called Arcadeum for managing in-game items — confirming who owns any particular case of an item, and providing that item to be verifiably purchased, sold or transferred from player to player.

Once an item is in a player’s ownership, it’s theirs to manage, sell or trade as they like; Horizon can’t simply take it away.

In future, they’ll start up this program for other developers to create upon.

Horizon’s Own Game

On the other way, the organization is developing out its own game — a digital selling card game named SkyWeaver — intended to increase in its own right while concurrently showcasing the program.

SkyWeaver is a fiction-heavy selling card game possibly most efficiently associated to Blizzard’s Hearthstone. It is free-to-play and cross-platform over Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS and Android.

Players in SkyWeaver fight each other utilizing the cards they’ve acquired through marketing, earning or selling.

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There are presently about 500 different cards in total, and every card comes in two separate flavours: silver and gold.

SkyWeaver has been in special beta since about July of last year.

Horizon’s Chief Engineer Peter Kieltyka states that the game as of now has about 12,000 users, with an added 92,000 on the waitlist.

Horizon first allocated $3.75 million in a seed round the previous year; they’re classifying this round as an expansion of that one.

The round is started by recurring investors Initialized Capital, and supported by Golden Ventures, DCG, Polychain, CMT Digital, Regah Ventures and ConsenSys.

The company states that SkyWeaver should turn into open, free beta following this year.

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