Zindi, found in 2018 by Celina lee, is a Cape Town-based startup which allows companies, NGOs and government institutions to host online competitions and solve data-oriented challenges. This platform coordinates with over 4000 data scientists from Africa to take part in these competitions, and submit their solution sets. The best part about this startup is that it offers cash prizes to whoever can present a viable solution, win the challenge and move up the leaderboard.

Celina Lee says the highest prize won by now is $ 12000, which was split among the top three data scientists. After receiving the results from the competitions, this platform uses it to invent products or to integrate changes in the existing products and make them even more advanced.

Can Zindi be beneficial to others?

According to the founder, African companies, startups, organizations and government institutions are in the phase of digitization. This is why they need a vast amount of data. Along with providing valuable insights to companies, it helps with machine learning and AI to capitalize on the various assets of that data.

This startup has not just helped companies and government organizations go digital, but 80% of Zindi’s competitions have had some social impact angle.


Lee mentioned that companies are always looking for talent who analyze data, draw valuable insights and make the best use of artificial intelligence. With such a platform, it will be much easier for such companies to get in touch with data science experts and work on solutions together.

Is Zindi limited just to data scientists?

This platform is more than just helping data science specialists to showcase their skills. This is developed for everyone interested in learning more about his field and making a career in it. For instance, youngsters coming out of universities. This startup can be a powerful way for these data science aspirants to hone their skills, expand their network and explore new opportunities.

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Zindi’s way forward

This platform’s unique model has garnered attention from big corporate names in and outside of Africa. Liquid Telecom and Microsoft are two such organizations who have hosted competitions through Zindi. Now, the startup hopes to get 10,000 data scientists across Africa on its platform by this year and 20,000 by 2020, according to Lee.

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