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ITNews-ITGoogle’s New Feature Allows You to Search Documents on Files Go

Google’s New Feature Allows You to Search Documents on Files Go

According to the latest tech news, Google has announced a new feature for file management, which can simplify finding files on Android. Files Go was introduced by Google to free up space, find files, and quickly share them offline with people nearby.

With this new feature, you can now search documents and other files the same way you would on the internet. Files Go will try to auto-complete results, and it will store your search history. Along with searching files easily, Google has added a few more features based on the user feedback. Some of these are as follows

Files Go- Search documents and free up space on phone | iTMunch

  1. Show the location of duplicate files

Files Go often tries to clear space by removing duplicate files. But, some of the users want to know the location of these files before they get deleted. So now when a user gets a location for removal of duplicate files, one can press on the thumbnail, tap the ‘i’ icon, and see the location.

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2. Remove backed up photos and videos

Once users have safely backed up photos and videos in Google Photos, Files Go can detect and prompt to delete those files. This can help free up space.

These are some of the features that are now offered by the latest version of Files Go. Keep reading iTMunch for more such updates from the tech world.

Aditi Gade
Aditi Gade
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