Chatbots have become quite popular since last year and many businesses have started realizing their importance. Chatbots are being used for weather, movie recommendations, personal finance etc. Today, Chatbots are also being created for the purpose of making a very complex topic or task approachable to the average person. Ben is no exception to this.

According to the latest finance news, Ben is a chatbot that can help you learn everything about bitcoins. He helps users familiarize themselves with cryptocurrencies via a recognizable chat interface.

Learn everthing about bitcoins with the help of a Chatbot | iTMunch

Users can do various tasks such as taking lessons, learning about cryptocurrency, reading the latest industry news and buying or selling bitcoins by simply talking with Ben.

Ben has a unique advantage of not going head to head with established crypto titans such as Coinbase or Circle by focusing on an underserved market. Ben has been created by a startup that is a part of Y Contributor’s Winter ’18 batch and previously raised a $580K pre-seed from Third Kind Venture Capital and various angel investors.

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Users from 21 states can buy or sell Bitcoin after completing a KYC check, with other states and support for Ethereum, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash rolling out in the coming months. A total of 1% is charged by the startup for buys and sells, which is in line or lower than most major exchanges.

This app not only provides you with valuable insights about Bitcoins but also has a social feature that allows you to link with friends in order to see their returns and to see who is a better investor.

User’s cryptocurrency is stored in the cloud but their private keys live only on their own personal device. Ben is still undergoing various changes and over time will be able to answer more and more questions.

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