Samsung Electronics‘ plan to ease its transition from 4G to 5G technologies takes off with its acquisition of Zhilabs. Zhilabs is a real-time network analytics startup based in Barcelona.

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Zhilabs is going to continue operating under its own management, independent of Samsung, even though it will be fully owned by Samsung. This acquisition is a part of the Korean company’s initiative to invest about $22 billion in various businesses that work with artificial intelligence, 5G, biopharmaceutical technologies and components of self-driving vehicles.

Samsung’s 5G Plan

There is no secret Samsung is keen on launching 5G technologies for its users. The consumer market will be flooded with their 5G devices soon enough, and Samsung has already started to prepare for this eventuality. The plan is to finely tune the customer experiences when the 5G era begins.

The Korean tech titan also recently announced Exynos Modem 5100. It is a viral chip that features 5G support for its devices. Samsung has already invested in smart home technology and is keen on increasing its stake in connected cars and the Internet of Things.

The transition to 5G will be dependent on AI-based automation like never before. The carriers for 5G will require unprecedented automated solutions and network analytics. This AI-based transformation can fundamentally change the whole interface game. It can be used to analyze user traffic, improve overall service quality, classify the applications in use. These needs cannot be addressed by the existing solutions available.

Zhilabs: What You Need to Know

Zhilabs was established in 2008 and uses artificial intelligence to analyze network data. It uses automated network analytics tool to ensure fast data crunching. Zhilabs provides the analyses of data traffic, network condition and performance for about 50 telecom companies. Some of their clients include Vodafone, Telenor, Optus and Telefónica.

The Barcelona-based company’s flagship is known as CustomAir, formerly FlowSight. CustomAir helps carriers into the network performance experience at an individual level. It also provides insights into SMSes and MMSes, data, which includes connectivity, streaming and applications. CustomAir allows carriers to troubleshoot. It helps in prioritizing issues based on the direct impact on a company’s business. All of these processes are automated.

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Samsung believes this acquisition will help the company provide the best possible service to its customers. By acquiring Zhilabs, Samsung believes it will be able to meet the demands that come with the current generation of exponential data traffic. Zhilabs provides solutions that automatically detect and fix problems. This will open them up to launching new services that are related to IoT and smart cars.

Samsung wants to optimize service quality without any human intervention using cutting edge technology, and Zhilabs is the best way to go about it. “5G technology will disrupt the communications landscape for the better, but it will only be successful if the quality of the networks transferring the information can be measured and improved to provide a best-in-class experience,” said Joan Raventós, CEO at Zhilabs.

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