Voice Over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, service provider Aircall announces its launch in Australia by establishing its presence in Sydney. The company says its new hub in Sydney will bring the innovative technology of Aircall much closer to Australian partners and customers at a critical time when cloud communication is so much more relevant than ever. The Sydney office will also solidify the VoIP provider’s position and presence in the country. 

Now, the cloud calling vendor is on the hunt for hiring a Local Channel Talent to lead the regional operations. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) organization is presently analyzing and scouring the Australian market for channel specialists, sales specialists and support to expand its existing customer base.

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Aircall’s APAC Sales Director, Andreï Sochala said that something beautiful about developing and offering software to customers is that it can be easily deployed from anywhere in the world. This has allowed the VoIP service provider to grow, from word of mouth, a customer base of more than 500 clients in Australia.

“We specifically witnessed a strong product fit, driven by the user friendliness of our solution, and by our strong focus over call quality through VOIP – which immediately resonated with Australian businesses facing coverage gaps. “It is those partners’ ongoing trust in us, and the opportunity that the vibrant local tech scene presents, that makes us confident in, and excited for, our Australian office addition”, added Sochala.

They’ve witnessed a strong product fit which is driven by the user friendliness of Aircall’s solution and by their focus over call quality via VOIP (which resonated with Aussie enterprises facing coverage gaps). It is the ongoing trust of their partners in them and the opportunity that the vibrant local technology scene presents that makes Aircall confident in, as well as excited for, its Australian office addition, added Sochala.

Aircall Co-Founder and CEO, Olivier Paolhes said that the remote office boom has drastically shifted how most of us work, from measuring productivity to communicating with co-workers. The continuous effort the organizations put into adapting and equipping team members for a better way of working doesn’t need to stop as Australian start to return to their offices.

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About VoIP Aircall

Promoting itself as ‘the phone system for modern business’, Aircall is a SaaS voice platform that helps business companies across the world manage millions of sales and customer support calls. Moreover, it helps in the seamless integration of popular productivity and helpdesk tools in its cloud-based software. The Paris-based company boasts proudly about its strategic partnerships with world-renowned technology firms such as Hubspot, Salesforce and Jobadder.

The company already has an emerging presence in Australia, with over 500 local clients using its services. Aircall reported that in 2020, it saw itself helping more than 3,000 new businesses in accelerating their digitalisation through its range of products and services. The company has 350+ employees and is actively recruiting a dedicated team for its newly opened Sydney office for Sales Representatives, Support, Customer Success Channel and Specialists departments to expand its local presence.

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