Key points:

  • Your Gmail account will soon look different as Google is finally releasing the long-awaited updates for all users
  • Apart from the primary email service, the new update will offer chat and video conferencing options in a single location.  
  • Users do not have to go out of their way to activate Gmail’s new look. Google has said that the platform will be updated by default over the next few days for global users. 

Gmail, Google’s email service is all set to receive a makeover in the upcoming days. In their bid to modernize the platform, the tech giant will soon release the much-awaited updates. Apart from Gmail’s main email service, the new update will provide video conferencing and chat options in a single location. Google will finally receive a facelift almost a year after the news first broke out in February 2022.

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More about Gmail’s new look

Google has stated that the new design “will become the normal experience for Gmail, with no option to revert to the former UI” in a Google Workspace update post (opens in new tab). The revamp was first revealed in February 2022 as part of a plan to integrate Gmail more closely with other Google Workspace services including Chat and Meet.

The majority of Gmail users had access to the new look service starting in November 2022, but they always had the option to just go back to the “original view.” A few Gmail users may find these changes very drastic. While emails will still be displayed front and centre, they have been moved far to the right of the screen to make room for a new sidebar with quick links to Chat, Spaces, and Meet. Your email folders and label options have also been moved slightly.

Users will also experience a new right sidebar with shortcuts to other Google services including Calendar, Tasks, and Keep without having to open additional tabs or windows, in addition to the more integrated links with Meet and Chat.

You will also be able to access all your alerts in one location, with bubbles indicating when you receive a new message or chat.

All Google Workspace user accounts (with the exception of Google Workspace Essentials subscribers) and G Suite Basic and Business customers will have access to the new and updated Gmail version.

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Feature Image Source: Photo by Solen Feyissa on Unsplash