Global e-commerce giant Shopify and video sharing platform YouTube have teamed up to launch YouTube Shopping. This partnership will allow creators and brands to sell their products through on-demand and live videos. Both the companies intend to help merchants and sellers to build their businesses on YouTube and connect with consumers. This service will also enable sellers to integrate their online stores with YouTube seamlessly. 

In addition, this deal will further push YouTube toward the social commerce space. 

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YouTube and Shopify partnership – good news for brands and creators?

YouTube Shopping will offer brands and creators another avenue to promote and sell their products to the platform’s humongous audience. According to the latest numbers from Statista, there are around 2.6 billion YouTube users worldwide [1].

Creators will be able to tag and pin products at the key moments of a live stream video. In addition, Shopify, in a press release said that the new Store tab will be added to the creator’s channel, allowing them to showcase different products. 

The press release also stated that since Shopify serves as a merchant’s retail operating system, product information including pricing, images, names, and shopping details are securely stored across channels. This means that when a product sell’s out, it will be automatically removed from YouTube. The new integration will allow merchants to monitor the performance of on-demand and live videos from the Shopify admin. They will also have a 360-degree view of multichannel sales. 

Things are likely to get even more exciting. The onsite YouTube Shopping experience will soon become a reality. At present, an onsite check on YouTube will allow customers to purchase their favorite products without leaving the platform. However, this service will be available only to a few handfuls of eligible merchants in the U.S. 

According to Kaz Netjatian, Vice President of Product at Shopify, commerce has transformed into a multichannel business, and YouTube has become one of the most influential digital channels worldwide. He further adds that YouTube’s integration with Shopify will provide a plethora of opportunities for independent brands that are operating in the creator economy. 

Will YouTube Shopping be successful?

Past and ongoing trends suggest that YouTube has emerged as one of the most used digital channels worldwide. It means that there are very few reasons to believe that YouTube Shopping will not make it. The platform has all the tools to provide a flawless shopping experience and the partnership with Shopify will lay the foundation to achieve this goal. 

YouTube also said that a study conducted with TalkShoppe and Publicis revealed that nearly 89% of viewers trust the recommendations made by YouTube creators. 

Kaz pointed out that creators and viewers share a unique relationship and the trust between them helps them determine what viewers will ultimately purchase.

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