Sending an email to a co-worker without realizing that they are on leave can be a disaster for everyone involved. To avoid this, Google has come up with yet another tech update. Google announced via a blog post to its G Suite users that Gmail and Hangouts Chat will notify the users when the recipient of their message is on vacation or away. Keep reading to learn more about Google’s latest tech news.

How will the new Gmail update work?

For example, if you have marked yourself as out of the office on your calendar, your colleagues will get a notification before they email you. The notification will come in the form of a little yellow banner that is right above the ‘Send’ button. Thanks to this, the sender will be updated that you are currently out of the office and when you are expected to get back to work.

How to use Google’s latest feature?

To get this notification, you need to enter the dates when you will be out of the office on your shared Google Calendar. Once you updated your schedule on your calendar, the same message will show up if they try to send you a message on Hangouts too.

All of these updates link to the out-of-office functionality the company had launched into the Google Calendar last year. Here, it automatically declines all meeting requests for the period in which you will be gone.

Probably you don’t want every random/spammer who tries to send you an email to know your travel plans. So in that case, Google ensured that the Gmail/Hangouts heads-up functionality will only work with G Suite users who have already been given access to your calendar. 

So it is the information that they already know only now they don’t have to go looking for it.

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Can I opt-out of Google’s latest update?

In case you do not like this concept or the heads-up banner messes up with your workflow, you can easily disable this function. All you need to do is go into the ‘Access permissions’ option on your Google Calendar settings and then turn off the ‘Show calendar’ info in other Google apps option.

In the same blog, the organization stated that this update will roll out automatically for all the G-Suite users on or before September 16, 2019. You will not have to update any app to start using this new feature. Stay tuned with iTMunch for similar tech updates from industry leaders!

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