Gatsby is a platform that uses the latest web technologies like React and GraphQL to support developers to build better sites faster.

They have announced that they have raised a $15 million the Series A round, headed by CRV. 

Prior investors like Trinity Ventures, Mango Capital, Fathom Capital and Dig Ventures also joined along with Kong CEO Augusto Marietti and Adobe CPO Scott Belsky. 

The company has already raised a $3.8 million seed round.

Who is Gatsby? 

While Gatsby might not be a household name yet, it has developed quickly since its launch in 2015.

Its users currently include the likes of IBM, PayPal, Braun, Airbnb and Impossible Burger. 

The company claims that about 1% of the best 10,000 websites have now been created on top of the platform.

It also promises that it enables these companies to do away with their old LAMP stack and shift to a more modern stack.

This will be based on modern open-source tools and engineering methods. 

Gatsby also gives away a reliable CMS system and instead brings a variety of tools.

This still allows content developers to use platforms like WordPress or Drupal to create what is a headless CMS system. 

In that case, Gatsby only becomes the presentation panel for the CMS.

Gatsby founder and CEO Kyle Matthews says that they have spent four years developing Gatsby to be the most extensive platform for building a modern website.

Something that would take companies months or even years to achieve with a cutting edge web stack is trivial, to begin with, build with, and expand on Gatsby.

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Gatsby’s Accomplishments

Gatsby has developed on the GatsbyJS open-source project. 

The company states that more than 2,500 people have participated since that project started. 

Matthews says Gatsby the company is now providing about $3 million per year to open-source projects which involves the core Gatsby tools and the plugin ecosystem round it.

Just like similar open-source projects, Gatsby monetizes its tools by giving a hosted service that assists teams of developers in building a new site quickly, with rates starting at $50/month for each site.

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