Uber is intending to ask chauffers and bikers to wear face masks as it plans to ramp its ride-hailing venture back up after being restrained by the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNN was first to publish that officials confirmed a new policy that would need chauffers and bikers to wear face masks or coverings in a few markets, including the U.S. 

It was approved on Monday that Uber has emerged a policy for specific markets.

The Challenges 

Uber yet faces one significant challenge: obtaining sufficient face masks and additional supplies to guard drivers. 

The firm stated that various orders have either been cancelled or delayed as from prominent manufacturers prioritize healthcare operators and additional first responders.

It’s additionally not clear how Uber will implement its policy.

Uber has been urging drivers to stay home by an in-app message and by marketing such as TV spots. 

The app is yet accessible, and people have utilized it to make trips to grocery shops, to crucial jobs and pharmacies. 

Uber has requested, though not yet ordered, bikers and chauffeurs to wear masks or face coverings.

Uber chauffeur wears mask | iTMunch

Protecting drivers

While the COVID-19 pandemic cleared through Europe and North America, Uber drivers have discovered themselves on the front lines, often carrying healthcare and additional essential workers who were likely exposed to the disease.

Uber published last month that it will purchase and ship face masks to current drivers and delivery operators globally. 

Nevertheless, COVID-19 has compressed global stocks for face masks and disinfectant. 

Uber and different rideshare drivers have stated problems obtaining the supplies.

In the initial week of April, Uber said it started getting and then exporting around 500,000 ear-loop face masks to drivers. 

The company initially targeted the most effective drivers in COVID-19 hotspots like New York City and Los Angeles. 

Uber stated that it further is prioritizing states and cities like San Francisco, Washington D.C. and New Jersey that have urged drivers to wear face covers.

Uber told that it would make these stocks available to all current drivers as more become accessible. 

Uber aims to be capable of providing masks nationwide despite local regulations.

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Photo by Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images