The Los Angeles-situated mobile game development studio Scopely has enhanced into America’s latest unicorn.

This is all thanks to a $200 million investment, which considers the company at a whopping $1.7 billion.

Information About The Investment 

Scopely stated it would use the money to maintain its strategy of developing and obtaining new games as it seems to continue its run of six connected mobile games that will earn $100 million or more in lifetime income.

The new investment reflects Scopely’s milestone of gaining more than $1 billion in lifetime income. 

Certainly, part of the idea for the financing is to quicken the pace of its additions and investments into new game development studios.

The unicorn gaming company has garnered increasingly larger rounds across the past three years on an almost yearly basis. 

The company raised a $55 million round of funding in 2016, $60 million in 2017 and $100 million in 2018.

For investors, what creates the company compelling past its string of successful games is the technology program that undergirds its successful mobile gaming titles. 

NewView is a growth-stage venture funds firm turned out of the multibillion-dollar investment firm NEA.

It led the most current $200 million round for Scopely.

Scopely is the firm’s initial significant investment in a gaming company and was part of a portfolio of investments that NewView obtained over when it turned off from NEA.

For Scopely, the newest capital mixture is just more money in the bank to fund in or obtain budding game studios and give them a way to the technology pile that has made Scopely so compelling.

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The Industry Changes 

In the eight years following Scopely first launched, the gaming industry has been changed by the opportunities that survive in the mobile market.

Moreover, both Scopely and companies like Jam City have gained on the new platform. Games in the company’s collection include Looney Tunes World of Mayhem also Star Trek Fleet Command, designed with the recently obtained DIGIT Game Studios.

The company is raking in more than $400 million in the yearly revenue, and it was that increase that influenced NewView and investors like the Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board to invest capital as part of this current round.

Scopely has already created a few preferred minority stakes in gaming studios.

So with the new cash, they hope to roll up more autonomous game developers.

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