Managed service provider Fiveway International Ltd has announced the successful acquisition of the intellectual property and assets of openQRM Enterprise GmbH, a German cloudtech company. In concurrence to the acquisition, Fiveways International has also appointed OPENQRM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD as its master distributor and support centre to increase the company’s growth.

openQRM Enterprise GmbH is based in Germany and provides cutting edge IT organisations standardised high-performing frameworks for cloud computing platforms and data centre management with commercial licenses and free community edition. It primarily offers excellent computing infrastructure developer and data centre management solutions.

About the cloudtech firm openQRM Enterprise GmbH

openQRM’s leading platform enables its operators to optimize their cloud computing environment with its ground-breaking cloud platform. The platform has been developed for IT professionals and companies of all sizes. To increase productivity, the platform also utilizes plug-ins that completely automate cloud-based workflows. Its free community edition has been downloaded more than 400,000 times.

openQRM offers professional services, long-term support and meets the needs of the IT industry for a competent infrastructure framework. OPENQRM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD acts as both the master distributor as well as a support centre. The cloudtech company is the foundation for openQRM’s unprecedented infrastructure management platform and has been positioned for growth.

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More about Fiveways International acquiring openQRM Enterprise GmbH

Taking forward this new collaboration with Fiveways International Ltd, OPENQRM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD aims at bringing this unique platform to the market and establishing a global footprint. The company also plans to improve its existing suite of products to meet the evolving needs of the industry with its bigger development team and dedicated resources.

Director of OPENQRM AUSTRALIA PTY LTD, Mr Roger Mangraviti says the company is proud to announce that their existing development, support and products will be maintained with the acquisition. 

Mr Mangraviti adds that their cloudtech platform allows users to convert their compute nodes to run 100% from memory needing no local storage. It uses images that allow virtual and physical servers to be rapidly deployed reducing operational costs and time, he adds. Including technologies like Proxmox and Openstack, their technology is ideal for most workplace environments and infrastructures, concludes Mr Mangraviti.

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