Tech giant Google has hired Telstra’s key Cyber Security Strategist Kate Healy making her the first senior appointment into its Australia & New Zealand cloud security practice. Healy revealed her appointment as the Head of Security at Google A/NZ through a LinkedIn post.

Been working with Telstra for the past 3 years, Healy showcases the telco’s cyber talent and capability with their customers, unearthing opportunities for innovation and co-creation.

About Kate Healy – Head of Security at Google ANZ

A C level advisor, a cyber and risk thought leader, a keynote speaker and a cyber advocate – Kate Healy is all of this and much more. Before joining Google Cloud, ANZ, Healy has played the role of Principal Cybersecurity Strategist at Telstra and prior to that, the Principal Cyber Security Consultant at Aleron Security. 

Healy has also stepped into crucial roles at the Commonwealth Bank, Standard Chartered Bank (Singapore), National Australia Bank, Westpac, IBM and MLC Australia. She has completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Credit from the University of Wollongong and now has more than 20 years of experience in the cybersecurity space up her sleeves.

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Kate Healy on being hired at Google A/NZ

Announcing on LinkedIn about her appointment at Google AuNZ, Kate wrote that she is looking forward to getting her feet under the desk in her new role and sharing her knowledge on Google Cloud security.

Healy spent the past 3 years at Telstra working with the CISOs of some of the largest organizations in Australia understanding their cyber strategies and advising industry innovations and trends.

Telstra also recently lost its Chief Information Security Officer APAC, Berin Lautenbach to Toll Group, who was replaced by CISO Narelle Devine from Services Australia. The Australian telco also lost Grant McKechnie, the company’s General Manager for Cyber Security Operations and Threat Management to Endeavour Group.

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