Amidst massive global business setbacks due to the novel coronavirus, Woolworths has some positive news to share. The Australian chain of supermarkets and grocery stores quietly unveiled its new digital platform, which will allow workplaces to shop for food, stationery and other products online. 

What is “Woolworths at Work”?

Since 2016, the Woolworths Group has  been trying to enter the B2B grocery space. The well-known grocery retailer revealed its platform, christened ‘Woolworths at Work’ earlier this week. A spokesperson for the chain claimed it is an extension of their existing online grocery business. The platform showcases over 10,000 goods out of which half are Woolworth’s own goods. The service will allow business shoppers to place orders and get delivered goods at various locations across Australia. Woolworths at Work has also integrated the features of a buy now, pay later (BNPL) operator called Openpay. Thanks to this, business customers can avail a line of credit on their purchases. 

The platform is designed to facilitate consolidated monthly invoicing for better control and visibility of spending across businesses and organisations. The digital unit of Woolworths, WooliesX had been tasked with setting up this premium quality online grocery delivery platform for business customers. It is projected to be capable of generating $1billion in revenue for the group by as early as 2024. General Manager Jara Nass stated that the primary reason behind launching the service was the desire to partner with Australian organisations, offering them tailored options.

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About Woolworths

Founded in 1924, the Woolworths Group’s chain specializes in groceries (fruits, vegetables, meat and packaged foods). It also sells magazines, stationery, health, beauty, pet, baby and household products. The Woolworths at Work platform has been created to provide a seamless and personalized shopping experience, enabling shoppers to access previous orders and save lists.

A spokesperson for the retail giant elaborated that the platform would be supported by Australia’s vast network of nationwide delivery options. This would include Delivery Now (in which orders are picked, packed and delivered in 2 hours) and free next day delivery for orders over $99. 

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Image Courtesy: News Regional Media