Facebook is starting a unique feature called “Quiet Mode” that will enable you to lessen distractions by silencing the app’s push notifications for a time you designate. 

The company published the change as an update on its COVID Newsroom column, defining it as a way for users to fix boundaries around how they use their time on Facebook as they adapt to new customs and to working from home through the COVID-19 pandemic.

Details About The Update

According to Facebook, you can both turn on or off Quiet Mode as required, or you can schedule to it work automatically at assigned times.

For instance, if you operate from home from 9 AM to 5 PM, you can set Quiet Mode to automatically work during your workday to lessen your fascination to waste time in the app.

If you attempt to launch Facebook while Quiet Mode, the app will prompt you that you’ve fixed this time aside to restrict your time in the app, the company describes.

The option for Quiet Mode will be located in a new section on Facebook, where you can see other data regarding your time spent on Facebook’s platform. 

Here, you’ll be capable of scanning charts that tell you the time you’ve used on Facebook regularly, a ratio of your daytime versus nighttime usage, and a different chart lets you view how many times you started the Facebook app every day.

Facebook usage being disaplyed on the phone | iTMunch

Other Latest Features

Facebook launched it’s first “time spent” charts in 2018, though their presence has improved to match better the style of this latest “Your Time on Facebook” section. 

Facebook has further added more review, including brand-new week-over-week trends, the time of day prices, and the chart showing the number of visits.

Additionally, this section will also have an option to allow a weekly report that will let you know how you’re handling your time. 

It will further link to the Activity Log of your communications across Facebook, including your feedback, remarks and posts. 

Plus it will link out to different features that were earlier buried in the Settings, along with your News Feed Preferences and Notification Settings.

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