Spotify is rolling out an updated version of its app for artists, on both iOS and Android. 

The new app introduces a renewed design, as well as new analytics like real-time stats on how many people are playing artists’ songs around the world. 

Educational materials are also available for the first time through the app’s new Home tab.

More About The Update

Started two years ago, the Spotify app now offers a way to see real-time listening stats for latest releases for the first week they go live. 

Now it is increasing its listening stats so artists can view how many people are playing their songs right now.

Spotify says it is also now simpler to track essential milestones in the revamped app.

For example, when the song gets added to a playlist or the artist gets new followers.

From the Home tab, Spotify will give more suggestions on how to best use its tools and develop its Co.Lab events.

Here, artists will be capable of reading articles, watching videos and presentations.

They can also get advice from famous artists, to learn about product updates and more.

The free analytics and music sections have also received a visual refresh.

 It is created to make it simpler to see the latest stats associated with who is listening, where, and what similar artists these fans like.

Real time listening stats on Spotify | iTMunch

Also, artists and their managers can now update the artist’s profile in the app.

This is including the capability to pick a new profile photo, edit the bio, update playlists straight from the Artists page in the app.

For those who are handling various artists, it’s now simpler to switch between profiles.

Since the analytics dashboard moved to mobile back in 2017, update to the Spotify for Artists app is one of the most important things.

With the unique feature of real-time listening stats for listeners, the app is even more of an opponent to Apple’s artist dashboard

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