An American giant might have figured out a plan to simplify the tiresome procedure of issuing driver’s licenses. 

And a quick sneak peek of this resolution is now live in sections of India.

Microsoft’s New Initiative 

Thousands of people who have taken the driver’s license test in recent weeks in Dehradun, the capital of Indian state Uttarakhand near the Himalayan foothills, have not had to sit beside an instructor.

Instead, their cars were attached to a smartphone that was operating HAMS, an AI project produced by the Microsoft Research team. 

HAMS utilizes a smartphone’s front and rear cameras and additional sensors to observe the driver, and the road ahead of them. 

Microsoft Research team announced that for driver tests, they customized HAMS to allow accurate tracking of a vehicle’s trajectory when the test maneuvers such as parallel parking or negotiating a roundabout.

This AI technology can decide whether the driver made any action, such as stopping during a test.

Or course-correcting by moving forward or backward more times than they were allowed while the test, the team said. 

Additionally, it also notices things like whether a driver looked at their mirrors before switching the lane.

Microsoft’s AI driving liscense test images | IT Munch

The Development of HAMS

HAMS is short-form for Harnessing AutoMobiles for Safety; it was developed to observe drivers and their driving to enhance road safety.

Driver training and experiment are foundational to this purpose, and so the project turned in the direction of assisting in evaluating drivers during their driving test.

Automation is gradually making its way to driver testing over the world. 

However, they still lack the deployment of extensive support such as pole-mounted video cameras on the test track. 

Microsoft’s team stated that HAMS could reduce down the cost of automation while developing test coverage by adding a view inside the vehicle.

Last year, the firm also served with cricket legend Anil Kumble to promote a tracking device that helps youngsters examine their batting performance. 

Microsoft has also united with the insurance firm ICICI Lombard to help it process customers’ repair requests and replace lapsed policies using an AI system.

Microsoft, Google, and Amazon have used India as a testbed to create solutions for the local market, some of which ultimately make it to other countries.

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