Sony’s live TV streaming assistance, PlayStation Vue, is closing down. 

The service will no longer be accessible as of January 30, 2020, the company had announced. 

Sony’s Attempt To Save The Service

The news arrives only days after rumors reported claimed that Sony was in quest of a new partner for the struggling service.

A report in The Information stated that Sony had spoken to fuboTV regarding a possible deal.

It would incorporate Vue’s subscriber support of around 500,000 users and its underlying technology. 

It also mentioned that Sony had tapped Bank of America Merrill Lynch to investigate a sale many months ago.

The business was assumed to be considered in the tens of millions at the time. 

We know Sony may have had trouble finding a buyer because its service did not run on proprietary technology.

The news of Vue’s end and not a shift of ownership will possibly disappoint plenty of followers of the streaming service. 

Though a less crowd, Vue subscribers liked its user interface and different features like multi-view, which allowed you to watch multiple live shows at once and also its suitable sports package.

Playstation Vue event | IT Munch

Challenges Faced by Vue

It is not shocking, however, that Vue did not move out.

The service had encountered challenges in consumer adoption initially, mainly because of its branding. 

By describing it “PlayStation Vue,” many customers thought it was restricted to PlayStation consoles. 

Vue was accessible over platforms just like Hulu Live TV, YouTube TV, Sling TV, and others are today. 

You did not even require to own a PlayStation to utilize it.

Sony has around 100 million PlayStation 4s on the run, which executes its failure to make Vue work still more disappointing. 

Not just was Vue one of the leading live TV streaming services to come on the market; it had a built-in audience to promote to. 

But the increasing costs of programming make those live TV streaming services a thin margin business at best.

Plus, they have forced price hikes over the industry, including overall of Vue’s opponents.

In the end, Sony declared market pressures are what influenced to Vue’s demise.

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