Here is a terror scenario for you: You are traveling in a small plane, and suddenly the only pilot who knows how to fly passes out. 

In the movies, somebody would talk one of the passengers into safely landing the plane. 

In reality, that is quite unlikely. 

Flying planes is difficult.

How Garmin G3000 Saves The Day

Now, though, planes equipped with the Garmin G3000 flight deck will have the advantage of adding a system that will land the plane in a crisis with merely the push of a button.

Autoland handles all the navigation and information tech in the plane and merges that with an advanced autopilot. 

Once a passenger initiates the autoland feature or the plane concludes the pilot is incapacitated, the system will scan at all the available data.

For example: about the weather, spare fuel on board, and the local area to plot a way to the nearest suitable airport. 

It will even inform air traffic control about what is occurring, so they can route other planes nearby to you.

The system, too, then takes over all of the touchscreens in the plane that are a component of the G3000 flight deck and shows a straightforward interface that lets the passengers talk to air traffic control and everything else.

Taking all of that data into account, the plane then projects the decent, lands the plane, and closes down the engines.

It is essential to note that this is intended to be a system that is only initiated in the case of an emergency. 

Because it automatically signals the authorities when somebody pushes the button.

Nobody should activate it unless it is thoroughly necessary, plus the FAA would want to ask you a few questions.

Garmin G3000 execution plan | iTMunch

The Execution Plan

The partners for Autoland are Piper and Cirrus, which are giving it as a choice in the 2020 prototypes of the Piper M600 turboprop and Cirrus Vision Jet, waiting for FAA authorization. 

These require a few million dollars, though, so you should start saving up. 

Current planes with the Garmin G3000 cockpit might also be retrofitted with the autoland ability, but that is up to the manufacturer.

Given how old the standard aviation line in the U.S. is, you are not going to see any planes with this feature at your regional airport anytime soon. 

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