Australian authority Hearing Australia has scored a deal with DXC Technology for a digital transformation and systems modernization program over the upcoming 12-18 months. An Aussie statutory authority, Hearing Australia operates under the “Australian Human Services Act 1991” and reports to the Minister of Human Services.

Through this program, DXC Technology will be responsible to replace Hearing Australia’s core clinical practice management system, E-Business finance system and customer relationship management system by Oracle, which is more than 2 decades old.

Hearing Australia CIO comment on the deal with DXC

Mike Brett, Hearing Australia CIO says the deal with DXC Technology will help the organisation simplify their business processes. Brett adds that the platform Hearing Australia works on doesn’t service their clinicians and the organization wants to give them a clean, nice, easy to use and intuitive system, but also to  create a platform that can allow them to work with clients digitally, if they chose to. Brett added how the transformation will ultimately deliver an improved customer experience. 

The old systems of Hearing Technology were disconnected, they tried to integrate them but it wasn’t satisfactory and they’ve taken a platform-based approach so they can manage the customer experience from the basic and initial interaction as a prospect right to the end of the service delivery lifecycle, he added. 

Brett also added how the modern digital platform will additionally enable the organisation’s research arm to access data which isn’t currently possible. They have large piles of data which they cannot get access to. They want to anonymise that data so they can reuse it for their research.

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About DXC Technology

DXC Technology is a US-based global IT solutions and services company. DXC offers leading end-to-end technology solutions and help companies leverage its power of innovation to drive hoe growth.

By 2019 end, DXC joined forces with the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) to launch its 4th Digital Transformation Centre (DTC) and the first in New South Wales (NSW). Its existing network in Australia is through its centres in Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide.

For the FY to 31 March 2019, DXC reported back to back profit after tax of AU$2.4 million which was an improvement on the AU$1.16 million Net Loss After Tax during the same restated period in 2018. However, the company’s revenue dropped slightly by 1% from AU$2.35 billion to AU$2.32 billion.

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Image Courtesy: DXC Technology