American web infrastructure Cloudflare has completed the acquisition of Australia-based web front-end delivery platform Linc to accelerate its Cloudpages platform. Link is a robust automation platform for front-end developers and can be used to build web-based applications. Its software uses the Front-end Application Bundles (FAB) by Cloudflare. 

US-based Cloudflare says it acquired Link to enhance its recently launched product called ‘Pages’, a JAMstack platform that can be used by developers to collaborate and deploy websites.

Linc on the partnership with Cloudflare

Glen Maddern, Chief Technology Officer of Linc said that the company and the specifications of the Front-end Application Bundle are designed with one goal in mind: to provide front-end developers with the most useful and best possible tools to build, refine, review and deploy their web applications. 

Maddern adds that one of the big problems faced today in front-end development today is the dramatic difference in complexity when building a directory full of HTML, JS, and CSS files to hosting a full application. While today there are serverless platforms available that solve these problems for backend services, they are so cost-effective as compared to using static hosting, especially if the bulk of the front-end asset is static, according to Maddern.

Which is why Linc is so excited to join Cloudflare and work on Cloudflare Pages to cover the complete spectrum of applications. Not only does Cloudflare share Linc’s goal of bringing sophisticated technology to every web development team, but with groundbreaking innovations like Durable Objects starting to offer better storage paradigms.

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Linc – An Aussie front-end delivery platform provider

Linc is a Victoria-based front-end delivery platform that allows seamless web product development. The product gives developers complete visibility into what the team is working on and lets them collaborate with other developers, designers and testers. Using Linc’s front-end delivery platform, progress can be shared easily to get feedback from stakeholders, clients and users. This is made possible through its feature called ‘Preview Links’. The platform allows integration with Slack, Trello (in-progress) and Github PRs that makes sure you have all the information you need in one place. 

Cloudflare is a US-based website security and web infrastructure firm that provides secure delivery network services, Internet security, distributed domain name services and DDoS mitigation. The company CEO is Matthew Prince and is headquartered in California. In 2019, Cloudflare recorded revenue of $28.7 crores.

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Image Courtesy: Cloudflare blog