Kevin Bloch, Chief Technology Officer of Cisco Australia and New Zealand, will be leaving the conglomerate to launch his own tech advisory company. In his tenure of 21 years at Cisco, Bloch served as the CTO ANZ for 12 years and held other senior roles in the company before that. Through his new venture, Bloch Advisory Pty. Ltd., Mr Kevin aims to help telcos, corporates and startups invest in research and development and commercialise their technology.

Kevin Bloch on his tech company – Bloch Advisory

With Bloch Advisory, Mr Kevin’s goal is to help companies make strategic investments in innovations, commercialise and scale their technology and export it across the world. Bloch says he has been fortunate to be a part of a company like Cisco. He had the privilege of working with visionary leaders and leading teams with talented individuals and is now excited to establish his own tech advisory company.

Mr Kevin has witnessed what the leading companies in the world are doing with automation and Artificial Intelligence and he is keen to share what he has learnt with other companies. It is important to understand how these futuristic technologies work and how companies can harness the advantages to drive ROI and innovation, according to Mr Kevin.

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About Kevin Bloch

At Cisco, Mr Kevin led the company’s expansion into new markets in the APAC region like transport, agriculture and healthcare. He also played an integral role in closing some of Cisco’s biggest corporate deals like IAG’s core national digital infrastructure, Telstra’s metro ethernet service and Western Australia’s health network deployment across the state. 

Bloch was also a part of the National Digital Acceleration Programme by Cisco where he helped in the establishment of the Innovation Centres in Australia. The Innovation Centres in Perth and Sydney brought together venture capitalists, government and corporates and provided them with an opportunity to develop exciting new technologies created by entrepreneurs in Australia.

Before joining Cisco, Kevin worked at OTC (which is now known as Telstra) and JNA Telecommunications, an Australian R&D startup which was later acquired by Lucent Technologies. Bloch has also written 6 reference books on technology and is the author of a popular whitepaper on ‘Top ICT Trends in 2020’.

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