As India struggles to hold its citizens safe from the coronavirus, regional ride-hailing giant Ola has hopped up to help. 

The Indian firm has built its technology platform — which is competent of, amongst other things, carrying real-time tracking and navigating and handling crowds — accessible to the federal and state governments at no charge.

Specifics About The Program

Ola, which is previously serving with the state government in Punjab, told its technology program can be refashioned to support the government and public service groups maintain their real-time war rooms.

The program gives the facility to track millions of vehicles and people and additionally comes with a feature that can confirm via a selfie picture if people are wearing masks. 

Ola uses the latter to verify whether the person in the driving place is the designated driver-partner. 

The company indicated that it is “assuring the highest level of data secrecy and security.”

In the Indian state of Punjab, Ola announced that the government is utilising the firm’s technology to track and maintain over 1.7 million farmers’ produce and their vehicle transportation in vegetable markets to assure they understood the social distance rules.

These abilities could come in handy to state governments as many cases of huge crowds formation in vegetable markets and outside the supermarket stores in several parts of the country have risen in recent weeks, according to economic media reports. 

New Delhi declared a national lockdown last month that limits people’s movement.

In Punjab, Ola’s technology program is additionally being used by the state government to allot travel passes digitally. 

State governments in India are allotting passes to medical experts and others who genuinely require to leave their houses to attend important work.

Ola program gives the facility to track millions of vehicles and people | iTMunch

More About Ola Connect 

The start of Ola Connects, the title of the initiative, is the newest effort from the Indian ride-hailing giant to support in the time of crisis. 

In recent weeks, Ola has dismissed lease rental for its driver-partners and pledged to give a few hundred dollars to driver-partners and their families who are positive with Covid-19.

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