Xbox Series X is the company’s next-generation console and will be appearing in late 2020. 

Thankfully, Microsoft has generously listed all of the images, media, and even a little data online. 

Oh, and we will most certainly be listening to a LOT more about the Xbox Series X before it comes for the holidays in 2020.

Xbox head Phil Spencer has a rather long breakdown over on the official blog. 

But let’s begin with the obvious here. 

The Look 

The Series X looks…unusual. 

Undoubtedly the meme creators are already operating overtime on this one, but it looks like a more conventional PC or perhaps even a router.

It is tall (about three times as tall as its predecessor), it is rectangular, it is black. 

It is somewhat minimalist. 

A lot of people appear to be relating it to a refrigerator, which is fine. 

Honestly, it has got that going for it. 

Indeed, plenty of people see for something that more seamlessly mixes in with its surroundings.

The past few generations have seen consoles changing from specialty items into catch-all media players, and there is something to be said for a product that can lie on your shelf, mostly undetected. 

Distinctly, the blocky design indicates that the console can be located both vertically or horizontally, depending on your spacing wants.

Xbox Wireless Controller | iTMunch

The New Controller 

The newest version of the Xbox Wireless Controller comes alongside the current system, because, well, you are going to want something to control it with. 

It is a little smaller than the earlier version, “improved to provide an even more extensive range of people.

The buttons are broadly intact, with the addition of a Share button for capturing screenshots and game clips. 

The current controller’s ship is with the system and will be suitable for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 systems.

Talking of older systems, the Series X is set up to help backward compatibility for all earlier systems, along with Xbox One accessories.

Spec information is yet rather light for this first pass, but Spencer ensures 4K playback at 60FPS (with likely up to 120FPS) and assistance for both Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and 8K ability.

The Series X will also, usually, have an eye on cloud gaming, in extension to native hardware. 

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