Canoo, the Los Angeles-based startup has finally revealed its first model, the eponymously named Canoo.

The Canoo creators have departed quite drastically from the traditional designs that other electric vehicle manufacturers have favoured.

More About The Latest Electic Vehicle

Exceptionally, Canoo has finished the design and engineering of its initial model in just 19 months. Now, it is developing its vehicles for production through a contract manufacturer. 

The two essential features that Canoo was designed for were space and value, and this first car from the company has loads of both.

The primary vehicle will have ample room for seven people, with the interior space of a large sport utility vehicle.

In the back, seats are placed in a semicircular formation facing the sides and rear of the vehicle, and the front cabin is designed like a sofa.

Entertainment arrangements are reliant on customers’ own devices, and the canoo is fit with both iOS and Android operating systems. 

Instead of having a central display, the company assumes that drivers and travellers will desire to use their navigation and apps in the vehicle.

It was also built with autonomy in mind, and the current system is arrayed with seven cameras.

Five radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors to give level two autonomy. 

Lastly, the company says it will have the greatest truly steer-by-wire vehicle on the market, which will be without any hardware link between the steering wheel and the wheels.

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Who Is Ulrich Kranz?

Kranz originally came on board as the company’s chief technology officer.

He took over the day-to-day procedures of Canoo after Stefan Krause, Canoo’s co-founder and chief executive, walked away from the company in August due to personal reasons. 

According to Ulrich Kranz, the first cars are estimated to arrive on the road by 2021, first launching in the Los Angeles market.

The plan for 2021 is to start in Los Angeles, and other eight cities account for the company’s U.S. market. 

That involves four on the West Coast and four on the East Coast. 

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