Trending in the latest startup news, Google recently announced a list of startups to join its Developer Launchpad Studio program. It is a four-month-long accelerator that focuses on products. The program is held in San Francisco at the Google Developers Launchpad Space. The startups participating in the prestigious program come from four continents. This means that a majority of the companies selected are from outside the United States. Read on to find out more about Google’s Launchpad Studio and the new class of financial AI startups.

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Google inaugurated its startup accelerator last year. The first group consisted of companies focused on learning new insights from medical data. While the launchpad program commenced in 2015, the track focusing on machine learning was introduced last year. This year’s cohort of financial and blockchain startups lean towards the shake-up of established financial systems and markets. However, this accelerator is different from others in that it aims not only at fledgling businesses but also established, well-known businesses.

What is the Google Launchpad Studio?

Google will support the ten selected startups during project development. Generally, this involves the application of machine learning in their operation areas. This year’s list of startups include companies that are based in the financial sector. Most of them offer retail services, identity verification, and banking services at worldwide locations.

The area of emphasis will incorporate the integration of machine and artificial intelligence that is disrupting the financial industry. Currently, AI has a wide range of applications in the finance sector. This includes making predictions about the performance of stocks as well as the probability of loan repayments bu individuals.

Which Startups Has Google Selected?

Listed below are the ten companies selected by Google Launchpad Studio for its machine learning accelerator program:

  1. Alchemy (USA): It powers blockchain services and crypto investment intelligence for financial institutions.

2. Aye Finance (India): It provides small business loans and microloans.

3. Axinan (Singapore): It is a data-driven insurance company that operates online.

4. Celo (USA): It is working on increasing financial inclusion using mobile-first cryptocurrency.

5. Frontier Car Group (Germany): It is working on powering a platform for the sale of used cars in countries like Chile, Pakistan, Mexico, and Nigeria.

6. Go-Jek (Indonesia): It is an on-demand service provider.

7. Inclusive Financial Technologies (Ghana): It focuses on verifying the identity of Africans who don’t have banking history.

8. Guiabolso (Brazil): It is an application for personal finance that currently boasts over 4 million users.

9. m.Paani (India): It is a company that offers customer loyalty rewards for non-governmental organizations and brands.

10. Starling Bank (U.K.): It is a mobile-centric application that focuses on helping people monitor and track their personal finances.

While it is an international group, there are various opportunities for different groups and talents. For example, Inclusive came into existence to address the issues of finding and verifying identity documents in Africa.

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