According to the latest startup news, Raleigh startup has created an AI-based system to fight against the early stage of Alzheimer’s disease. This system will be used for collecting data and offering advice on the treatment of this disease.

How Will AI Startup Be Used for Curing Alzheimer’s Disease

The company developed the MEND—metabolic enhancement for neuro-degeneration—protocol, which is used in partnership with other mental health care providers at Carolina Partners throughout their 27 locations in the state.

This protocol identifies up to 50 drivers of cognitive decline and applies it to a patient to help personalize their care, said Dr. Sandeep Vaishnavi, the director of Carolina Partners’ neuropsychiatry clinic

Cofounders of uMethod Health, CEO Vik Chandra, and chief technology officer John Walker are making use of AI system that combines the latest research in this field with information about a patient’s medical history, lifestyle, genetics, demographics, and bloodwork for helping doctors figure out factors contributing to the patient’s cognitive decline.


According to the latest startup news, Raleigh Startup to Use AI for Alzheimer's Patients

This system could also be used for helping doctors find a suitable treatment plan. Personalized action plans can include brain training video games, lifestyle changes, and proven medications.

Then, after three months, the outcomes are measured. Adjustments are made, and the process repeats.

“What the researchers are coming to the conclusion on is that the traditional way of trying to address Alzheimer’s just does not work,” said Chandra, an N.C. State University alumnus and former IBM executive with multiple business start-ups to his credit. “The disease is just too complicated to address through a single treatment.”

Raleigh Startup’s Vision for this AI Project to Cure Alzheimer’s

This startup has previously worked with various doctors from the Cleveland Clinic, the Mount Sinai of Medicine, Cornell University and Duke University for developing its current artificial intelligence system. The startup has been successful in attracting crowd-funding investments from the Pink Ceiling which is an investment group in pharmaceutical for backing startups that are launched for helping women.

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Rather than waiting for some miracle cure, the company aims to utilize all scientific information for creating a comprehensive personalized treatment for curing this cognitive disease.

The main vision of this company is to find solutions for complex, chronic diseases that need a new path of treatment.

What to Expect in the Near Future?

Although the progress is slow and the AI startup has seen various developments with slowing or reversing Alzheimer’s disease, having a positive plan of action also makes a big difference.

So far, the protocol has shown minor improvements in Alzheimer’s patients which could be a great step towards finding a cure. “We have seen evidence that Alzheimer’s patients actually can get better using this kind of treatment, like MEND Protocol,” said Carolina Partners CEO Stan Monroe said.

Only time can tell whether Raleigh startup is headed towards one of the biggest discoveries, however, many believe that the first step towards finding a cure has definitely been taken.

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