Co-op video games are amazing.

Alas, it is not forever possible to get everyone in front of the same TV.

Plus not all co-op games have online play, so playing over the internet is out.

Keeping this in mind, Valve has been working on “Remote Play Together”, and that it is preparing on moving it into its Steam game launcher later this month. 

The Story of Remote Play Together

By fooling the game into believing that all the players are in the same room, it will allow you to play with your friends usually like local-only multiplayer games remotely.

Valve announced on its developers-only Steamworks site, a note about the forthcoming feature, which was first noticed by PCGamer. 

The note instantly made its way to the Unity developer discussions.

The note reads that your local multiplayer games will shortly be updated with automatic support for Remote Play Together on Steam.

All local multiplayer, local co-op, and split-screen games will be automatically added in the Remote Play Together beta, which they plan to launch in the week of October 21.

Remote play games by Steam | iTMunch

How Does Remote Play Together Work?

If you have ever used PS4’s remote play or chosen a game from your PC to an Nvidia SHIELD, it is a little like that, just tweaked for multiplayer. 

One player will host the game on their computer, Steam sends a stream of the visuals to everyone else while analysing their keyboard data and sending it back to player one. 

As far as the game understands, everyone is sitting nearby to the same screen.

It is essential to note, of course, that some games will almost surely prove better than others here. 

As streaming tech is only becoming better, it naturally introduces latency, and in lots of games, latency kills. 

Hopefully, Valve makes it transparent to players that this is all pretty unofficial.

Because if a game is not playable due to latency or anything else remote play leads into the mix which is not the developer’s fault. 

Valve states developers can opt-out of the beta feature if they notice fit.

Valve says Remote Play Together will formally support up to four players in one game.

They also note that the experience will be as good as the connections of everyone associated.

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