Bosch is a German engineering and technology company found by Robert Bosch in 1986. This company creates products for varied industries such as automobile parts, household appliances and power tools, industrial technology (including drive and control) and more. According to the latest tech news, this company is all set to introduce something new, which is glasses-free 3D displays for cars. The best part about this feature is that you don’t have to wear glasses to experience this effect. Plus, it also skips eye tracking, which is a key ingredient for most good quality glasses-free 3D visual effect display today. Keep reading to find out more about this tech update.

How is it going to be helpful?

With this update, you don’t need to see the vision from a specific position. You can see it from anywhere. Since you do not have to wear goggles and look anywhere else, your attention is not diverted, and you can entirely focus on the road while driving. The 3D glass display will provide you with easy-to-grasp information at a glance so that your focus stays where it should be.

Glasses free 3D display for cars | iTMunch

Why do we need the 3D Visual effect display while driving?

Bosch has to say that there are multiple reasons why the driver needs the 3D visual effect. Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. Alerts are popped on the screen, during crucial times. For instance, the forward collision warning — BRAKE! This will help ensure the driver is aware of what is happening around him and take precautions accordingly.
  2. Even the parking camera comes with a 3D view. With this feature, the driver can make the best use of the available space through realistic images and alerts to identify obstacles.
  3. The 3D visual display also helps with navigation. It offers 3D representations of where and when you need to take a turn. Thanks to this feature, the driver won’t have to worry about which corner should he take a turn.

How did Bosch come up with the 3D visual display?

According to a source, the founder mentioned that bringing this technology was not possible a few years ago. However, powerful mobile computing has changed the game for what they can build.

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This company has still not announced when we’ll see these systems actually in use. Considering the way its rolling new updates, it shouldn’t be long before some carmaker takes the plunge. To learn more about such tech updates, stay tuned with iTMunch.