Do you think it is possible for employees to keep a track fo all their tasks without maintaining those numerous docs and spreadsheets? It certainly is, with various artificial intelligence software getting introduced.

Read the latest blog titled, "Polarity Raises $8.1M for its AI Software to Help its Employees Work Better"

Trending in the latest ai tech news, Polarity raises a huge amount of $8.1M for its AI software that constantly checks employee screens and highlights important information. This software is proving to make the work of employees way easier by offering them constant reminders. The money for this software was raised in the Series A funding which was led by TechOperators, Shasta Ventures, Gula Tech Adventures, Kaiser Permanente Ventures, and Strategic Cyber Ventures.

What does Polarity do?

Polarity is a Farmington, CT-based platform that technically functions on artificial intelligence. The company is owned and also the CEO, Paul Battista. Ed Dorsey is the Chief Technology Officer and the Chief Strategy Officer of the firm is Joseph Rivela.

Polarity works with a single vision of making memory-augmentation platforms a crucial part of various businesses and domains. They have created a software that analyzes everything appearing on an employees screen, notes it down and highlights it at various time intervals as gently reminders. This assists individuals to use the given information in some or the other context.

The company was named as one of the top 10 most innovative startups of 2016 by MIT Sloan’s CIO Symposium. Polarity has customers that include the name of some large organizations who are a part of Fortune 100 and other huge firms.

How is Polarity’s AI Software Useful for Enterprises?

The key element of Polarity’s ai tech software is to assist employees in getting their work done much faster instead of memorizing IP addresses, file numbers, and other jargons. It also aims at helping organizations to decrease data barrier and getting stuff achieved. The main target audience of Polarity’s software is analysts and safety groups.

The startup’s software uses character recognization to understand particular key phases flashing on a display screen. This when the employees, helps them to avoid remembering unnecessary details and focus on the actual task. Paul Battista, CEO of Polarity said that their software program is developed to help co-workers work together in sync and know about each other’s tasks. This helps them to have an overall idea about all the happenings of the work getting done in the organization.

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