Australian tech company Daisee and cloudtech firm GSN announced that the award-winning Daisee solution will now be available as a part of GSN’s ecosystem of cloud contact centre solutions. The partnership will bring together the contact centre expertise of GSN with Daisee’s pioneering AI-powered customer interaction quality management capabilities to improve customer experience.

GSN’s cloud contact centre solution and Daisee’s AI-powered speech and sentiment Analytics will allow organizations to quickly understand the quality of every customer interaction across the three core pillars – communication, compliance and conduct. 

About Daisee

Australia-based Daisee provides cutting-edge customer interaction quality management systems that are powered by proprietary AI-backed sentiment and speech analytics. Their technology helps the workforce of a company see beyond words, surfacing the emotions hidden deep within the calls. It helps in understanding what the customer is really saying, thinking or feeling. 

The solution analyses every voice interaction using its “patent-pending proprietary sentiment engine”. Their world-first Programmable Scorecard enhances the quality management process. It replaces the traditional paper scorecard with a modern, automated and digital one.

Founder & CEO of Daisee, Richard Kimber says that their solution enables companies to quickly identify quality and compliance issues during customer interactions gaining insights and knowledge that enables better results. He adds that the company is excited to partner with GSN to bring their solution to more customers across Australia and New Zealand. 

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About the cloudtech firm GSN

Found in 2003, GSN is an Australian-owned Cloud and Software-as-a-Service technology and customer engagement solution provider. The cloudtech firm offers creative customer engagement solutions along with data and insights, service development and design expertise to create value in each and every customer interaction.

Richard Fink, CEO of GSN says he is extremely excited about the partnership. He adds that at GSN, they believe Daisee sets a new benchmark in understanding the quality of customer interactions required in a contact centre environment and feels that it is a perfect fit for their customers.

Daisee helps organizations solve problems by making interactions easy, simple and smart to help them have more impactful conversations, be more productive and be better at what they do. The company also believes incremental improvements carry great potency and is enough for exponentially greater change for the better.

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Image Courtesy: GSN