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AINews-AIRobycs Technology & KUKA to offer free programming services with robot orders

Robycs Technology & KUKA to offer free programming services with robot orders

Australian robotics automation company Robycs Technology has announced its collaboration with German robot manufacturer KUKA Robotics to offer free programming services on all orders of KUKA robotic system. The move has been taken to promote industrial robotics and support medium-sized businesses that otherwise might not have enough funds to invest in automating their operations with robotic systems.

According to research, Asia and Australia are the world’s strongest growth markets for industrial robots. In 2019, these regions accounted for more than 67% in the industrial robotics market [1]. Through this collaboration, mid-sized businesses will have the opportunity to automate certain processes which usually costs tens of thousands of dollars. To top it, the offer will be combined with tax write-off concessions from the government of Australia to fully modernize their facilities.

The collaboration of KUKA and Robycs Technology

KUKA is a Germany-based robots and solutions manufacturer for industrial automation and is owned by Midea Group, a Chinese company. Industrial robots by KUKA are programmed to automate repetitive tasks which include welding, cutting, manual handling, pelletising and cutting.


Raymond Sanchez, CEO of Robycs Technology said that working with KUKA will be a good opportunity for Australian manufacturers. He adds that the company is thrilled to offer advanced robotic systems and accommodate in workflows. Sanchez says he is confident that this step will help local industries of Australia to move ahead towards tomorrow’s advanced technological landscape.

About Robycs Technology

Based in Sydney, Robycs Technology was established in 1991 and provides cutting-edge robotics, automation controls and industrial electrical services. The automation company offers its services to several industries including manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, distribution, food & beverage and packaging. 

Robycs Technology specialized in Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) programming. The company also beholds expertise in robotic vision solutions, Siemens automation systems and other industrial tasks such as electrical engineering and metal fabrication. The robotics company’s mission is to make Australian companies capable of leading the way into the next industrial age.


[1] (2020) “Global Robotics Market was Valued at Around US$ 34 Billion in 2019 & is Expected to Register a Double-Digit CAGR During the Forecast Period, 2020-2025: [Online] Available from: [Accessed July 2020]

Image Courtesy: Logo from KUKA

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