According to the latest tech news, Apple has come up with a new technique that could revolutionise the way it makes iPhones. This new technique is expected to eliminate greenhouse gases from the smelting process. This is supposed to be a ‘revolutionary’ change in the way a key metal, aluminium is made.

Aluminium is used by this tech giant for almost all its products- its iconic MacBooks, iPhones, and iPads. Making this metal for these Apple products makes a significant damage on the environment. In order to reduce this impact, the company has decided to develop a proprietary technique, which allows for the generation of “green” aluminium.

Green aluminium used by Apple to reduce environmental damage | iTMunch

Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO said that the company is committed to advancing technologies that are good for the planet and help protect it for generations that are yet to come. He also added that are they proud of this ambitious project and are looking forward to using aluminium produced without direct greenhouse gas emissions in the manufacturing process.

Earlier, aluminium was made by hitting alumina with a strong electric current, removing the oxygen. This process would release a large amount of greenhouse gases. However, this would not be the same anymore with the new technique discovered by Alcoa.

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The new process replaces the carbon with a different material, which produces only oxygen when it burns. This eventually helps reduce the environmental impact. To develop this technique and bring it to the market, Apple bought Alcoa together with Rio Tinto. This new company is currently called Elysis, which will focus on developing the technology for wide-scale use.

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