As the global temperatures continue soaring, concerns about the environment continue increasing. The loss of biodiversity, increase in pollution, disruptions in weather patters, global warming, deforestation and so much, the impact on the natural world is undeniable. There is a growing need to discover solutions that can help the natural ecosystems.

However the silver-lining to all of this could be making use of artificial intelligence in order to track destruction and find solutions to conserve the environment. According to the latest artificial news, we have created a list of AI innovations that can help save the environment.

Internet of Things in the Workplace

Our world is becoming more aware of the risks involved in the workplace, due to which in spite of taking measures to focus on health and safety, we still feel the need to improve the overall well-being. This is where AI comes into the picture. In order to improve the link between maintenance and workplace safety, researchers are now exploring how to make use of AI and cognitive computing. AI can take up more responsibilities in the workplace thus eliminating the need for humans to work in potentially dangerous areas.

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AI Deep-Learning Techniques for Climate Modelling

Deep-learning in the form of “climate informatics” is blossoming that makes use of AI in order to fundamentally transform weather forecasting for improving our understanding about the effects of climate change. With the help of deep-learning this field can make use of computers to run faster for incorporating complexities of the real world into the calculations. AI could also prove to be useful to correct partiality in models, extract relevant data and prediction of extreme events.

Cognitive Technology for Sustainable Options

Cognitive technology is helping accelerate sustainable energy and increase the number of product choices for consumers. Cognitive technology could help overcome the problem of forecasting how much renewable energy will be available, by combining advanced weather forecasting models with cognitive self-learning capabilities. Eventually, AI has the potential to develop a more precise, automated renewable energy forecast for power such as wind and solar.

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AI Machine Learning for Environment Conservation

AI Machine learning can be used for various purposes such as pinpointing the sources of pollution faster. This could help curb pollution problems to a great extent. Along with this, various companies and Governments could also make use of machine learning for reducing water usage in their operations along with combining variables that lead to better soil heath. Not just all of this but AI can help us prevent further damage to the environment by providing a better understanding about how to address development needs without losing focus on sustainability.

The scope of AI is tremendous and while we are making use of this technology for discovering various solutions, it is important to not forget about our planet and find sustainable solutions to save our environment.

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