It is no news that personalized technology can lead to more exceptional experiences. This is because it enables apps to customize their content for every individual user. But it can also cut away at user privacy. So how can companies provide unique content while maintaining confidentiality? A company called Canopy aspires to change that. Keep reading to find out how.

How Canopy plans to protect user privacy

It has produced a personalization engine that operates without asking users to log in or even give an email. Instead, it uses a blend of an on-device machine learning and differential privacy to provide a personalized experience to users. 

Now it is displaying how this works with the launch of the newsreader app called Tonic. The new app is created to be completely private, while learning what you like overtime, to give a customized experience. 

How is Tonic different?

Unlike other personalization engines, all the fresh interaction and behavioral data remain on your device. This means the company itself has never seen it, nor does any content provider or partner that works with it. Another important differentiator is that Tonic sets you in control over your personalized settings.

Personalised daily reads by Tonic | iTMunch

How will it affect the user experience?

If you have ever used an app powered by personalized technology, there is a point where you were suggested a song, video, or a news article; which looked to be completely wrong and not representative of something you would like. But you might have been at a loss as to why it was suggested because most apps do not detail this type of information.

On the other hand, Tonic allows you to see, change, and even reset your personalized settings whenever you want. While Tonic is primarily meant to show off its engine in action, Canopy’s bigger goal is to license the technology.

The app itself has many other features that make it worth a look. The company uses a human editorial team to help choose the app’s news content. This is to assure that it is not giving a collection of noise, for example, clickbait or hate-reads. 

It also avoids breaking news and hot takes, as it is not created to be an app consumers use to track the latest news with necessity. Instead, Tonic draws from a variety of sources with its core focus to bring you a curated, personalized choice of daily reads to inform and inspire. 

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